About Us

Five Star Professional Development Vision Statement

The Five Star PD Team will change the way you experience professional development. With consistently awesome, evidence-based learning opportunities that are relevant and engaging, our wide range of offerings will meet the learning needs of educators across the nation.

At Five Star, our experts have found that awesome learning occurs when students use technology to engage with information in new and innovative ways. While all of our offerings are customized to meet the needs of the learners, we have a common methodology.

  •  Ensure your investment in technology is making a difference
  •  Create a strategic approach to professional development and growth
  •  Provide powerful professional development opportunities for your staff

Our solutions are designed for educators by educators. The Five Star professional development team is made 100% of licensed educators and Google Certified Trainers. Additionally, our experience is a wide scale of classroom teachers, instructional coaches, technology directors, media specialists, and administrators. Our work goes beyond the typical technology training. We have strong values and beliefs in best practice instructional strategies that are critical to an engaging teaching and learning experience. We believe in the power of modeling and immersive experiences in learning.

We have a wide range of offerings for professional development and the Learning Lab is one method to ensure access for all the educators in your district. With the varying needs of individual schools, we understand now more than ever the need for unique and varied solutions. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution, but the Learning Lab can bring together multiple learning experiences and provide a hub for great PD. The Five Star team is here to help you navigate the research-based practices that work best for you and your students. We are looking forward to the journey together!